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WE ARE SOLD OUT  thank you to everyone who had purchased our Teak Cutting boards. 

2019 shipment is in production now, coming in the Spring... check back. Amazon is the best place to find all our Teak Boards,,   the Backyard Dudes Team 

NEW ITEMS COMING 2019 Teak smaller prep boards, slab of teak mini cheese serving boards and a brand new item Pizza Peels of real Teak too.  Introducing a Magnetic Knife holder for your kitchen wall.

the best cutting boards on planet earth

cutting boards for the next generation 

Plantation grown "natural teak" sustainably harvested from family own tree farms close to the equator where perfect rainforest trees grow in warm sunshine and nature provides rain with warm ocean breeze makes our tree farms a perfect spot on earth for growing teak. 






One Year Guarantee please register your board for our guarantee to be in effect for you. 

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wood shop

Handmade cutting boards in our own modern wood shop 

We use American Made Equipment and hand tools to manufacture your board


simply put "the best cutting boards on earth" 

We harvest the trees, truck them to our mill, then carefully kiln dry to create premium first grade teak lumber. The process is simple to cut this premium teak into cutting boards for your home
— Russell Freeman

Our GLUE is made in USA, safe for all food surface FDA approved 

Our GLUE is made in USA, safe for all food surface FDA approved 


our promise to you 100% satisfied

We want your cutting  board to last for years and years of family use.  During this first year we guarantee with proper care & feeding you should not experience any problems. On occasion it happens, a board may split from weather changes in the home, storage or and yes people do put their boards in the dishwasher, please do not do this, not dishwasher safe.  See our full guarantee policy link bottom of page.  





What is a cutting  board, two things  GLUE AND WOOD, nothing else.  Our premium teak you all ready know about. BUT this fact is something you need to know.  OUR GLUE IS FOOD SAFE MADE IN USA, Approved by the FDA too. 

Why is this important?  "Asian countries" of which will be nameless here use a formaldehyde based glues.  You only need to Google this to see what happens in these factories.  The less expensive bamboo or imported cutting board are make with this cheap glue. We take care of our customers and treat you just like our own family. I would not let my own family use a imported non-FDA approved glue cutting board, so we only make our boards with food safe glue for your family too. 

This process is expensive YES, but we have created the best cutting boards on earth, period. 

We are a Veteran owned company, a small business.  

We are a Veteran owned company and with every sale a portion is donated to a good cause helping our other Veterans.  I am a proud American. 

Wounded Warriors Project

We proudly source our products from American manufactures

All items are Designed & Engineered in the USA & some are offshore assemble with Made in America materials & Teak wood from South America. 



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Backyard Dudes ® is a registered Trademark. We are the manufacture of many items including our Teak Cutting boards Backyard Dudes Naturally Teak brand.  We own the wood shop, these are not made in Asia like our competitors cheaper boards. We use No plugs, they are not made with scraps like others you will find for sale. Backyard Dudes proud to use Premium First Grade TEAK lumber we harvest, kiln dry, make into quality real teak cutting boards all with our own crew. 

care & feeding

homemade bee cream recipe 

please click here for full details and how to details

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the best cutting boards on planet earth

care & feeding your cutting board

We source our "bee wax" from natural bee keepers in the Amazon Rainforest.  This family has been in the honey business for almost 50 years providing honey and of course "natural bee wax" pure and pesticide free wax we use in our Naturally Teak® BeeCream.  This is the exact same bee cream we apply to your cutting board before shipping to your home.  

We have shared our "homemade" recipe for bee cream you can make yourself at home or purchase our products too, all we ask is you use food grade mineral oil & pure bee wax, many brands are available of course we like our brand !  But you can make this yourself too.  Follow this recipe below. 

homemade bee cream recipe





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Easy fresh up, pour a hill of plain table salt on your board.  Squeeze the juice from a lemon or lime into the salt, made a paste.  Now use the cut lemon to rub, n'rub more the salt into the board, scrub it in.  You can now wash off the board with cool water, towel dry.  

Apply a bit of mineral oil or bee cream working it into the board. Wipe with clean cloth-towel to buff. 

Your done.  Fresh up !!  

Cutting fresh fish or fresh chicken, we suggest using a plastic cutting board that can go into the dishwasher for sanitized hot soap and water wash up. 

Cutting cooked chicken or fish and bbq meats is just fine.  Vegetables your board is ready to chop n dice away.   

natures best cutting boards are TEAK !